Our Approach

Future & Ideas

We have two main principles. The first one is thinking about the future of our every task, because the Internet and technology changes very quickly. Things which are cool today, may be forgotten tomorrow. When you start a project that will take a few months to complete, make sure it won’t be obsolete by the time you finish it.

The second one is the love for ideas! But even the greatest idea is useless, unless it is brought to life. Make sure you find the right people who will appreciate it, understand it, and bring it to life!

Good Technology base

We are a group of people mostly with technical background. We know how to squeeze the maximum out of technology to get the best performance. On the other hand, we never sacrifice the reliability.  We have experience in PHP, .NET and JAVA. This diversity helps us find the best solution to any problem.

Usability and User Experience

We know that good technology is essential. But what’s even more important, is the end user. That’s why we pay special attention to usability and overall user experience of our products.

In every project, we put a great emphasis on requirement analysis. We spend a lot of time thinking about its future users and try to understand their needs. In this process, we describe them using different techniques like “personas” and “user stories”. This enables us to prepare high fidelity mock-ups which give everyone a good idea about look and feel of the future application.


Good communication is the key to successful project delivery. This is one of the most important principles of the Agile Manifesto, and we agree with it completely.